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At common law the obligation to load, stow and discharge the cargo rests solely on the shipowner, but due to the fact that the loading is a particular operation in which both parties have to concur, the shipowner’s duty does not begin until the goods are under his charge.

‘tackle to tackle’ rule
Last updated: 21-Jun-2015

Devlin J in Pyrene Co Ltd v Scindia Steam Navigation Co Ltd [1954] 2 Q.B. 402 spoke ironically about meticulous adherence to "tackle to tackle" rule at p.419:

But the division of loading into two parts is suited to more antiquated methods of loading than are now generally adopted and the ship’s rail has lost much of its nineteenth century significance. Only the most enthusiastic lawyer could watch with satisfaction the spectacle of liabilities shifting uneasily as the cargo sways at the end of a derrick across a notional perpendicular projecting from the ship’s rail.

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