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harshness of law sometimes can be if not questioned but at least regretted in instances of liabilities for so-called misfortune risks, but in described case there was evident gross negligence on the part of Owners’ employees who failed to procure such important document as pumping log, which any chief officer knows must be ready by the end of discharging.

Signature of Responsible Ship’s Officer
Last updated: 06-Oct-2014

Waterfront Shipping Company Limited v Trafigura AG [2007] EWHC 2482 (Comm) per Mrs Justice Gloster, DBE at para 27:

In my judgment, there is a real commercial purpose and importance in requiring a signed pumping log to support a claim in these circumstances for additional pumping time in excess of 24 hours, i.e. to prove that they had maintained the required average pressure throughout the discharge and that the fault lay with the terminal. The signature of a responsible officer of the Vessel was obviously important to show that such a person was prepared to put his name to the document to confirm its accuracy, to authenticate it and to prove its provenance; see, by way of analogy the importance attached by Colman J to a signature on a charterparty in The Obo Venture [1999] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 101at 103-104 and to a signature on a time-sheet by HHJ Knight QC in Trans Oceanic Co Limited v Newton Shipping Limited (The Minerva), (unreported) 17 January 2001 at paragraph 6(2); see also in this context The Oltenia [1982] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 448.

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