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Quality and condition of the goods

Law and Sea. Master’s signature on bill of lading

The shipowner is usually bound by the master’s signature to a bill of lading, unless the master, in signing the bill of lading, exceeds his authority.

Shipped in Good Order and Condition
Last updated: 21-Jun-2015

Per Channell J. in Compania Naviera Vasconzada v Churchill & Sim, Compania Naviera Vasconzada v Burton & Co [1906] 1 KB 237 at p.247:

The words "shipped in good order and condition" are not words of contract in the sense of a promise or undertaking. The words are an affirmation of fact, or perhaps rather in the nature of an assent by the captain to an affirmation of fact which the shipper may be supposed to make as to his own goods.

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