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A huge lot of paper has being wasted during last 10-15 years to show what a progress in improving and developing safety standards has been made. Regretfully, but many of improvements and developments have never gone any further than papers accurately filed and stored as multitude of checklists, instructions and manuals. And as far ago as from 2004 to one existing 'paper epidemy' of ISM, the second one – of ISPS or security, has been successfully added. Since then we are supposed to be able to fight pirates, search bombs and weapons and be skilful in wild crowd management…

Last updated: 06-Oct-2014

Lord Stowell in The Minerva (1825) 1 Hag 347 at p.355 described seamen - a party to the contract of employment between the sailor and the owner as below:

…set of men, generally ignorant and illiterate, notoriously and proverbially reckless and improvident, ill provided with the means of obtaining useful information, and almost ready to sign any instrument that may be proposed to them; and on all accounts requiring protection, even against themselves.

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