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Last updated: 06-Oct-2014

Per Lord Steyn in Sirius International Insurance Company (Publ) v FAI General Insurance [2004] UKHL 54:

The tendency should therefore generally speaking be against literalism. What is literalism? It will depend on the context. But an example is given in The Works of William Paley (1838 ed), Vol III, 60. The moral philosophy of Paley influenced thinking on contract in the 19th century. The example is as follows: The tyrant Temures promised the garrison of Sebastia that no blood would be shed if they surrendered to him. They surrendered. He shed no blood. He buried them all alive. This is literalism. If possible it should be resisted in the interpretative process. This approach was affirmed by the decisions of the House in Mannai Investment Co Limited v Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Limited [1997] AC 749, at 775 E-G, per Lord Hoffmann and in Investors Compensation Scheme Limited v West Bromwich Building Society [1998] 1 WLR 896, at 913D-E, per Lord Hoffmann.

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