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Outside of region of mathematics, proof is never anything more than probability.

Nobel’s Explosive Co. v British Dominions General Insurance Co. [1918] SLT 205 at 206 by Lord Guthrie.

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Law and Sea - Contract Law, Shipping Law and Carriage of goods by sea. Legal aspects of Voyage and Time Charterparties. Llaytime and Demurrage.

The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide - Over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet.

ASDEM Newsletters - Asdem is an independent oil-industry consultancy, leading company in the recovery of claims and the settlement of disputes arising from charter parties and international trading contracts.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute - open case law database

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute - open case law database, aims to provide one central Internet location from which it is possible to search - for free - core legal information from all Commonwealth countries.

DMC’s CaseNotes - A Legal Case Notes Website for Industry Professionals.

Lexology - is an innovative, web-based service that provides company law departments and law firms with a depth of free practical know-how.

House of Lords - Judicial Business - Decisions of the House of Lords

Lex Mercatoria - One of the VERY First Law Sites on the Web

THE NATIONWIDE ACADEMY FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION (UK) Ltd.- NADR UK Ltd. provides international and domestic dispute resolution services. NADR UK certifies members according to qualification and experience for international practice in ADR and acts as an administrative and nominating body for Adjudication, Arbitration and Mediation Processes. Membership ranges from Associate, via Member, to Fellow culminating in practice certification. NADR membership is subject to Academic and Practice certification including NMA Certification and Accreditation of Prior Learning with other ADR providers such as the CIArb. NADR provides pupilage facilities for junior members.

OPSI - the Office of Public Sector Information - UK, Nothern Ireland, Scotland and Wels Legislation database, is available as enacted in its original format and as revised text.

Sea Venture - Legal newsletter of Steamship Mutual

Tetley’s maritime & admiralty law - Professor Tetley’s maritime & admiralty law, McGill University

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The UK Statue Law Database - Open UK statue law database

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